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Discover the Alabaster coast at your own pace and according to your desires

Electric bike rental at home for the whole family

Conquer the cliffs effortlessly and fully enjoy Etretat

Electric scooter rentals on site or at home

Each era has its own treasure hunt, discover Etretat in a fun way

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What to do in Etretat? it is a magnificent city, which deserves to be discovered but which suffers from express tourism and pollution. It is from this observation that the creation of Panda Motion and it is in order to respond to these issues that we have built the company around 3 axes :
Electric scooters to facilitate access to the city and to the top of the cliff. Electric bikes to discover the rest of the territory in a carbon-free way. Treasure hunts (outdoor escape games) and guided tours in order to share the riches of our city and its problems. So do not hesitate any longer, come and visit Etretat differently. Come and discover it as you have never seen it!


Electric bikes

Our bikes are there to help you discover Etretat and the entire Normandy coast

Electric scooters

Our powerful scooters will guide you in Etretat and allow you to reach the top of the cliff effortlessly

Escape game

Do you want to have a good time? Join one of our treasure hunts in Etretat

Discover Etretat

Want to know more about Etretat and its secrets? Find our guided tours.


What to do in Etretat

Escape Game in Etretat

  • Do you want to have a good time with your family?
  • Know what to do in Etretat?
  • Find a rewarding activity for your children?
  • Looking for an escape game around Etretat or Le Havre?
  • Do you want to discover the Etretatais heritage and Norman history?
  • To discover its architectural and culinary culture?
  • Want to challenge your friends in a life-size game
  • To compare your score to our best players?

Have fun!

Find our cargo bike and embark on one of our 8 treasure hunts

Trottinette falaise

Electric Scooter Rental

  • Want to save your time by avoiding a long walk to the top of the cliff?
  • Want to save your health by avoiding climbing 263 steps to reach the chapel at the top of the cliff?
  • Want to discover all the riches of the city? Do not hesitate!

    Find our scooters as well as a map of points of interest in the city at our partner accommodation providers and at Home by reservation

In addition, delivery is included within a radius of 8km from Etretat

Reservation via our website or Available on site

Electric Bikes Rental

  • Fancy a walk of a few hours with the family or a long hike lasting several days
  • Are you looking for what to do in Etretat and along the Alabaster coast?
  • Want to leave your car in the garage when you arrive at your accommodation?
  • Our electric bikes are there to help you discover the most beautiful places in Normandy: Etretat, Honfleur, Le Havre, Veules les roses….

Make your life easier!
Home delivery is included within a radius of 20 km around Etretat

Vélo falaise

Want to know more about Etretat?

  • To discover the richness of its heritage and its villas?
  • To get to know Maurice Leblanc, Guy de Maupassant or Offenbach better?
  • To take your time to travel around the city?
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